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Allergy Products and Sinus Products

The following products and devices can be purchased from our office.


Hydro-Pulse™ Nasal & Sinus Irrigation System

Hydro-Pulse nasal and sinus irrigator treats bad breath, halitosis, Reduces allergies nasal and sinus congestion, and post nasal drainage.


  • Hydro-Pulse™ pulsating irrigation base unit 
  • 2 Nasal Irrigator Tips 
  • 2 Throat Irrigator Tips 
  • Contains 5 sample packets of Breathe-Ease XL™ specially formulated saline powder 
  • All instructions 
  • 1 year warranty

Breathe-Ease XL™ Formulated Powdered Saline

NO ADDITIVES - Safe, Effective, Portable, Economical and is recommended by leading ENT's, Allergists, and Pediatricians

Breath-Ease XL™ is a naturally formulated powdered saline mix for nasal moisturizing and sinus irrigation. Recommended by leading health care professionals for sinus and allergy relief - including sinus infection, sinusitis, and post nasal drip. For use as both a nasal spray and sinus irrigation solution it is formulated to approximate the body's natural saline. The Breath-Ease XL™ unique formulation contains no preservatives, iodine, or silica that may harm sensitive nasal membranes. It also contain Xylitol which has antibacterial properties. The Breath-Ease XL™ powder is designed to dissolve better to enhance the solution and minimize wear on the Hydro-Pulse™ irrigator. It is especially beneficial to thin nasal secretions and clear stuffy, blocked nasal passages. May be used as both a hypertonic or isotonic solution.

Each Package contains the following:

  • 190 gm. of powder for nasal solution 
  • A refillable spray bottle 
  • A ¼ tsp. measuring spoon for adding to 4 ounces of boiled or bottles water for spray 
  • A 1 tsp. measuring spoon to add to a pint of water for irrigation with the Hydro-Pulse™ Nasal & Sinus irrigator